Childhood Memories


Rica Moore
Label:  Disneyland (Purple)
Catalog#:  WDL-3045
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1962

Record Comments:  All of the songs on this album are performed by and either written or co-written by Rica Moore.  The back cover includes the lyrics to four of the tracks.

Matrix Number:  WDL-3045-A-1 / WDL-3045-B-2

Subject Notes:  Rica Owen Moore is best known for her contributions to children's music.  Her musical roots can be traced back to an early age of three, when she first started taking piano lessons.  At the age of eleven, she was a soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  She received a Grammy nomination for her work on Addition and Subtraction (catalog number DQ-1313.)

   Record Contents: 


1. Growing Pains 1:25  
2. Walking 1:44  
3. Questions 1:29  
4. Golden Crown 1:48  
5. Two Year Old 1:09  
6. Baby In The Mirror 1:53  
7. Birthdays 1:15  
8. Small Thoughts 2:01  
9. My Darlin' 1:59  
10. Sky Cradle 1:17  
11. The Pest 1:02  
12. Little Touslehead 1:33  
13. Chatterbox 1:05  
14. Shadow Horse 1:31  
15. Pretending 1:52  

Total Time:



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