Fortuosity-Filled Musical The Happiest Millionaire


Mike Sammes Singers
Label:  Music For Pleasure (Teal)
Catalog#:  MFP 1208
Country:  United Kingdom
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1967

Record Comments:  This record includes the same content as the U.S. release, on catalog number BV-4030.

Matrix Number:  BV 1303 A-1 L 2/ BV 1303 B-2 GM

Subject Notes:  The Happiest Millionaire is a Disney live-action feature that premiered in theaters during June of 1967.


   Record Contents: 


1. Fortuosity 2:22  
2. Valentine Candy 3:20  
3. I'll Always Be Irish 2:19  
4. Bye Yum Pum Pum 2:45  
5. There Are Those 3:11  
6. Are We Dancing? 3:03  
7. Let's Have A Drink On It! 1:37  
8. Strengthen The Dwelling 1:58  
9. What's Wrong With That! 2:54  
10. Watch Your Footwork 2:50  
11. Detroit 2:39  

Total Time:



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  The Happiest Millionaire Disney Records

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Record Artwork

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