Happy Birthday


Disney Character Cast
Label:  Columbia Record Productions
Catalog#:  50B9023
Country:   United States
Format:  6" Gatefold Flexi-Disc
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Mono

Record Comments:  This 6 x 6 inch, thick cardboard greeting card includes a birthday message that can be read and listened to.  In order to play the flexi-disc record that is attached to the inside of the card, it requires that the center hole be punched out and for the card to be separated on the perforated, folding edge.

The card was produced by American Telecard, Inc. for Buzza Cardozo of Anaheim, California.  The record was made by Columbia Record Productions and includes a short message with music and dialog from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The story on this record starts with the Seven Dwarfs talking about going round and round (on the record) while looking for Snow White.  When Snow White shows up, she explains it's because they are on a talking greeting card "that was made in Disneyland for a little friend of ours."  Grumpy complains that going round on the record is making him dizzy. 

The other dwarfs notice that Sleepy is falling asleep and is about to fall off the card.  Snow White instructs the dwarfs to all hold hands and make a circle around the record while she slides down the pole and gets Sleepy.  Snow White arrives just in time and the dwarfs pull them back to safety. The message comes to a close with the cast of characters singing Happy Birthday with a final sneeze from Sneezy.

Matrix Number:  M-6701--1F

Subject Notes:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is Disney's 1st animated feature and premiered in theaters during December of 1937.  The running time is approximately 83 minutes.


   Record Contents:  


1. Happy Birthday




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